Accident Analysis of the Gas Cooled Reactor Allegro, Linked Together with Fuel Damage

Baláž; VUJE

25th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2015, Balatongyörök, Hungary)
Nuclear fuel Cycle Perspectives and Sustainability


Recently the VUJE performed large scope analytical study, dedicated to the technological
demonstrator of the Allegro, the fast gas cooled reactor. The main objective of the study was
to investigate what are the foreseen characteristics of the facility. One of the work packages
was focussed to severe accidents up to core damage and reactor pressure vessel failure. The
aim of the work package was to propose, at the level of technical concept, a set of
countermeasures and systems which would allow prevention of accidents with fuel damage or
which would contribute to mitigation of accident consequences.
The paper briefly describes content and extent of the work package, presents summarization
of the main results, conclusions and recommendations.

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