25th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety

[[current.text : 2015]]

Date: 2015-10-13 -- 0015-10-16

Place: Balatongyörök, Hungary

Organized by: Paks NPP

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Paks 1 presentation
Paks 2 presentation
Main Results on Pilot Operation during 5 Years of the 3rd Generation Fuel in VVER-440 Reactors of Kola NPP (from Topic 1)
Saprykin V.,NRC Kurchatov
First experience with the fuel Gd-2M+ utilisation (from Topic 1)
Bajgl, Josef; Dukovany NPP
15m Cycles into the Operation of Paks NPP
Nemes Imre; Paks NPP

Fuel management issues

AER Working Group B activities in 2015
Darilek, Petr ; VÚJE
Shut-down Boric Acid Concentration for Different Fuel Loading Patterns
Bárta, Martin ; Dukovany NPP
Analysis of the Control Rod Irradiation Effect on RCCA CPS efficiency
Zuev, Aleksei; GIDROPRESS
First Reloads with 4.7% Enriched Assemblies in Paks NPP
Beliczai Botond; Paks NPP
Two Approaches to the Determination of the Limiting Curve for the Control Fuel Assembly Position at VVER 440
Sasek, Martin; Skoda JS
Progress in Activities of the Team of Scientific and Technical Commissioning Support (TSTCS) During Mochovce NPP Unit 3&4 Commissioning Preparation.
Prahar, Martin; VÚJE

Core surveillance and monitoring

AER Working Group C activity in 2015
Nemes Imre; Paks NPP
Core Monitoring and Surveillance of the VVER-440 Type of Reactors in Czech Republic and Slovak Republic
Molnar, Jozef ; UJV Rez
Temperature Asymmetry in Core at Mochovce NPP Units
Martin, Závodsky; VÚJE
On Monitoring of Approach to Initial Reactor Criticality in Slovak and Czech Npps
Sedlacek, Marian; VÚJE
New Models in VERONA 7.0 System
Pós István; Paks NPP
Test Results of New VERONA Models Based on Measured In-Core Data
Parkó Tamás; Paks NPP
VETRAN: Code for Analysis of Future Operational Transients in VERONA Core Monitoring System
Bóna Gábor; Paks NPP
Analysis of the EDU VVER-440 FA’s Output Temperature Signals (TS-STATUS)
Kvasnicka, Michal; UJV Rez
Test Results of a New Wide Range Ex-Core Neutron Measurements System
Horváth, Márton; Paks NPP
Error Detection in Core Loading in the Condition of Asymmetrical Distribution of Power
Ryzhov A., Pinegin A., NRC Kurchatov
Methodology for Determining of the Weighted Mean Coolant Temperature in the Primary Circuit Hot Legs of WWER-1000 Reactor Plants

Reactor dynamics and safety analysis, CFD

AER Working Group D on VVER Safety Analysis – Report of the 2015 Meeting
Kliem, Soeren; HZDR
IAEA CRP Benchmark of Rocom Boron Dilution and PTS Test Cases
Hoehne, Thomas; HZDR
Uncertainties of the KIKO3D-ATHLET Calculations Using the Kalinin-3 Benchmark (Phase II) Data
Panka István; MTA EK
Validation of Design Scheme for VVER-1000 Reactor System for Athlet Software Code Based on Experimental Data of Kalinin NPP, Unit 4
Denisova, Margarita, VNIIAES
Final Comparison of the Results of the 7th Dynamic AER Benchmark – VVER-440 Pressure Vessel Coolant Mixing by Re-connection of an Isolated Loop
A. Kotsarev, NRC Kurchatov
The Method of Forcasting of the Severe Accidents Consequences on NNP with VVER
Abutalipov, Roman; VNIIAES
Aspects of Use of Best-Estimate Approach for WWER Safety Analysis in Ria
Bilodid, Ievgen; SSTC N&RS
Coupled Code Analysis of Uncertainty and Sensitivity of Kalinin-3 Benchmark
Velkov, Kiril; GRS
Hybrid Thermo-Hydraulic Description of the VVER-1000 Core Using System Code ATHLET
Pasichnyk, Ihor; GRS
CFD-Code Verification at the 37 –Rods Natural-Scale FA Simulator with the Mixing Grids
Bolshakov, Valery; Kurchatov Institute
Cfd Investigations of Turbulent Flow in Matis-H Test Facility
Zsíros, Gábor; BME NTI

Nuclear fuel Cycle Perspectives and Sustainability

Overview of Allegro Project
Zajac, Radoslav ; VÚJE
Neutronic Analysis of Absorbing Materials for the Control Rod System in Reactor Allegro
Cajko, Frantisek, VÚJE
Neutronic library for ALLEGRO calculations by DYN3D - initial version
Darilek, Petr; VÚJE
Utilization of New Neutronic Library for VVER440 and for ALLEGRO Calculations by DYN3D
Strmensky, Ctibor; VÚJE
Criticality Research of ALLEGRO Fuel Configurations
Zajac, Radoslav; VÚJE
Distributions of Nuclides and Pin Powers in ALLEGRO Core
Zajac, Radoslav; VÚJE
Accident Analysis of the Gas Cooled Reactor Allegro, Linked Together with Fuel Damage
Baláž; VUJE

Advances in spectral and core calculation methods

Information About AER WG A on Improvement, Extension and Validation of Parametrized Few-Group Libraries for VVER 440 and VVER 1000
Mikolás, Pavel; SKODA JS
TRAP-KS Code Three-dimensional Neutron Kinetics Model Verification by Calculation Results of Tests with Reactivity Variations
Uvakin, Maxim; GIDROPRESS
Monte-Carlo Code Calculation of 3-D Reactor Core Model with Usage of Burnt Fuel Isotopic Compositions, Obtained by Engineering Codes
Scherenko, Anna; Kurchatov Institute
Xenon Instability Study of Large Core Monte Carlo Calculations
Kalugin, Mikhail; Kurchatov Institute
Finite Element Solution of Simplified P3 Equations
Babcsány Boglárka, BME NTI
AER Working Group E in 2015
Chrapčiak; VUJE
Calculating Analysis of XE Transient with Use of Different XS Libraries
Ovdiienko, Iurii; SSTC N&RS
Finite-Difference Fine Mesh 2D Calculations of Neutron Fields in VVER Reactors Using Full Sets of Multigroup Cell Characteristics Obtained with the MCU Package
Kalugin, Mikhail; Kurchatov Institute
Neutronic library for VVER-440 calculations by DYN3D - initial version
Darilek, Petr; VÚJE
VVER In-Core_Self-Powered Neutron Detector Calculation Benchmark (Partial Solution)
Mikolás, Pavel; SKODA JS
Evaluation of Rod and Assembly Bowing Effect on Rod-Wise Fission Powers Using Serpent and CASMO-4E
Kuopanportti, Jaakko; Fortum
Forschungs-zentrum Dresden: Accounting for Spectral History Effects with improved microscopic depletion in DYN3D code
Bilodid, Jurii

Reactor physics experiments and code validation (benchmarks)

Evaluation of Fuel Assembly Coolant Outlet Temperatures of Kalinin-3 Benchmark
Hádek, Jan; UJV Rez
Validation of the New Apros Neutronics Model Against Measured VVER-1000 Data
Leskinen, Joona; VTT
Extension of „FullCore” Benchmark for VVER-440
Sprinzl, Daniel; SKODA JS
Consolidated Data And Status Of Solutions of the X2 Benchmark for Core Burnup Calculations for a VVER-1000 Reactor
Lötsch, Thomas; TÜV SUD
Evaluation of the Extended ‘Full Core’ VVER-440 Benchmark Using the KARATE and MCNP Code Systems
Temesvári Emese; MTA EK
Validation of Pin Power Calculations by SAPFIR_95&RC Code on MIDICORE AER Benchmark
Kurakin, Konstantin; GIDROPRESS
Correction of Neutron-Physical Reactor Core Models on the Basis of Measured Data on Xenon Processes in Reactor VVER-1000
Pinegin, Anatoly; Kurchatov Institute
“Full-Core” VVER-440 Benchmark Extension Calculated by HELIOS and C-PORCA Codes
Pós István; Paks NPP
Lattice code pin-cell benchmark
Vocka, Radim; UJV Rez