AER Secretariat

AER Secretariat
Vidovszky István
H‑1525 Budapest 114 P.O.Box 49, Hungary
tel. +36 1 392 22 93, fax. +36 1 395 92 93

Working group contacts

Working group A Improvement, extension and validation of parameterized few-group libraries for VVER-440 and VVER-1000 Pavel Mikoláš, ŠKODA JS
Working group B Core design (advanced fuel cycles, code validation) Petr Dařílek, VÚJE
Working group C Core Monitoring and Surveillance (flux reconstruction, in-core measurements) Imre Nemes. Paks NPP
Working group D VVER Reactor Safety Analysis Soeren Kliem, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Working group E Physical Problems on Spent Fuel, Radwaste and Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants Radoslav Zajac, VÚJE
Working group F Nuclear Fuel Cycle Perspectives and Sustainability A. Dudnikov, KI
Working Group G Thermal-hydraulics, CFD Bogdán Yamaji, BME Institute of Nuclear Techniques

AER website

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