28th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety

The symposium is coming near and the registration is closed. We have compiled the tentative agenda for the symposium.

We have added additional practical informations covering the program of the symposium and the travel to and around Olomouc.

Date: 2018-10-08 -- 2018-10-12

Place: Olomouc, Czechia

Organized by: Nuclear Research Institute

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Symposium welcome

Welcome address
Closing of the symposium

Advances in spectral and core calculation methods

ACMFD formulation of the HEXNEM3 method for solving the time-dependent neutron diffusion equation via modal decomposition
Srebrin Kolev, Ivaylo Christoskov (Sofia University)
Adaptation of the gas gap simplified model in DYN3D code to new types of fuel
M.Ieremenko, Iu.Ovdiienko (SSTC NRS)
Development of CASMO5 for VVER-1000 analysis and preliminary validation using critical experiments
Rodolfo M. Ferrer, Joshua M. Hykes, Joel D. Rhodes (Studsvik Scandpower)
HELIOS and SERPENT validation at fast spectrum
Petr Dařílek, Tomáš Chrebet, Radoslav Zajac (VUJE)
Complex modeling of VVER-1000 fuel assembly using codes MCU/ATHLET with different hydraulic models
V. I. Romanenko, S. P. Nikonov, G. V. Tikhomirov (MEPhI)
Extension of nodal diffusion solver of Ants to hexagonal geometry
Antti Rintala, Ville Sahlberg (VTT)
Information on AER WG A on improvement, extension and validation of parametrized few-group libraries for VVER 440 and VVER 1000
Pavel Mikoláš (SKODA JS)
Group constant generation and core design optimization methodology for the GEN IV ALLEGRO reactor
Bálint Batki, András Keresztúri, István Pataki, István Panka (MTA EK)
C-PORCA 7: a nodal diffusion reactor calculation code to support off-line and on-line core analysis at Paks nuclear power plant
I. Pós, Z. Kálya, T. Parkó, M. Horváth (NPP Paks); S. P. Szabó (TS Enercon)
McSAFE - High Performance Monte Carlo Methods for Safety Demonstration
V. Sánchez (KIT), L. Mercatali (KIT), F. Malvagi (CEA), P. Smith (AMEC), J. Dufek (KTH), M. Seidl ( Preussen Elektra ), L. Milisdorfer (CEZ), J. Leppanen (VTT), E. Hoogenboom (DNC), R. Vocka (NRI), S. Kliem (HZDR), P. Van Uffelen (JRC), N. Kerkar (EDF)
UANDREA – framework for evaluation of core physics uncertainties
F. Havlůj (NRI)
SFullcore – framework for full-core VVER calculations using SERPENT
M. Gren (NRI)

Reactor physics experiments and code validation (benchmarks)

'FULLCORE' and 'MIDICORE' VVER-1000 Benchmark Evaluations with Studsvik's CMS5-VVER Codes
Tamer Bahadir, Emiliya Georgieva (Studsvik)
Analysis of criticality achievement process and obtained experience
Josef Bajgl (Dukovany NPP)
Experience of HELHEX code package validation at Kozloduy NPP
Aleksandar Kamenov, Krasimir Kamenov (Kozloduy NPP)
Benchmark calculation on reactivity compensation initiated by dilution of boron acid in VVER-1000 primary circuit coolant by stepwise control rods group insertion
O.Yu. Kavun, V.V. Semishin, V.O. Kavun, G.R. Pipchenko (SEC NRS)
VVER-1000 Fuel Assembly Model in CAD-Based Unstructured Mesh for MCNP6
Martin Lovecký, Jiří Závorka, Jan Vimpel (ŠKODA JS)
Coupling of the neutron diffusion code SKETCH-N and the thermal-hydraulics system code ATHLET for VVER-1000 calculations
Koppány Pázmán, Vyacheslav Gennadevich Zimin, Sergey Pavlovich Nikonov
HELIOS2 Verification and Benchmark Testing
Charles Wemple, Teodosi Simeonov (Studsvik Scandpower)
Simulation of zero power tests carried out at Novovoronezh NPP-2 unit 1 using ATHLET/BIPR-VVER
A.V. Baykov, A.V. Kotsarev, S.V. Tsyganov (NRC Kurchatov Institute)
Physical start-up tests calculations for Dukovany and Temelín NPP using MOBY-DICK macrocode
M. Růčka, M. Šašek (ŠKODA JS)
Effective Dose Calculation in the VVER-440 Reactor Maintenance Area
Filip Osuský, Branislav Vrban, Štefan Čerba, Jakub Lüley, Vladimír Nečas (Slovak University of Technology)
Criticality Safety Calculation of VVER-440 Core by SCALE System
Branislav Vrban, Štefan Čerba, Jakub Lüley, Filip Osuský, Vladimír Nečas (Slovak University of Technology)
‘FULL-CORE’ VVER-1000 Calculation Benchmark
D. Sprinzl, V. Krýsl, P. Mikoláš, J. Závorka, J. Vimpel (ŠKODA JS)
„FULL-CORE“ VVER-440 RK3+ calculation benchmark
P. Mikoláš, J. Vimpel, J. Závorka (ŠKODA JS)

Fuel management issues

New fuel of the third-plus-generation with modified JA-profile enrichment for VVER-440. Perspective 15 monthly fuel cycles for VVER-440.
Zh. Liventseva, A. Gagarinsky (NRC Kurchatov Institute)
Strategy of nuclear fuel development for VVER NPP
A.V Ugryumov, A.B. Dolgov, A.A. Shishkin, Yu.A. Kukushkin (JSC TVEL)
Prospective 18-month fuel cycles for VVER-440:advantages of new uranium-erbium fuel assemblies
A. Gagarinskiy, E. Osipova (NRC Kurchatov Institute)
AER working group B activities in 2018
Petr Dařílek (VUJE)
Prospects for implementation of VVER nuclear fuel enriched above 5 %
Yu. Vergazov, A.V. Ugryumov, A.B. Dolgov, A.I. Shaulskaya (JSC TVEL); Yu.M. Semchenkov, E.K. Kosourov, A.I. Osadchiy, A.M. Pavlovichev (NRC «Kurchatov Institute»)
Optimized 18-month low-leakage core loadings for uprated VVER-1000
A. L. Egorov, E. K. Kosourov, A. M. Pavlovichev, M. A. Sumarokov, S. M. Zaritskiy - (NRC “Kurchatov Institute”, Moscow, Russia), A.S. Morozov - (Balakovo NPP, Balakovo, Russia)
Fuel cycles with PK-3+ FAs for VVER-440 reactors
Pavel Mikoláš, Jan Vimpel (ŠKODA JS)
Core Loading Optimization in Slovak VVER-440 Reactors
R. Zajac, M. Majerčík (VÚJE)

Core surveillance and monitoring

In-Core Monitoring of AES-2006: Design Basis and Characteristics
A. Е. Kalinushkin, Yu.М. Semchenkov, N.V. Milto (NRC Kurchatov Institute)
Full-scale tests of ICMS for VVER-1200 during commissioning Novovoronezh NPP-2 unit-1: features and results related to the coolant temperature monitoring at a core entrance
Iu. Saunin, A. Dobrotvorski, A. Semenikhin, R. Zubcov, S. Ryasny (JSC Atomtechenergo)
A storage of ICIS historical data at the NRC «Kurchatov institute». Potential and perspectives
M.V. Khalizov, O.I. Sinegub, I.A. Eliseev, D.V. Vorobyeva (NRC Kurchatov institute)
Statistical evaluation of c15 fuel cycles in Paks NPP based on measured in-core data
Márton Horváth, István Pós, Tamás Parkó (Paks NPP)
AER working group C activity in 2018
Imre Nemes (Paks NPP)

Reactor dynamics and safety analysis

LOCA and pressure waves in the primary circuit of the reactor VVER-1000
Dina Ali Amer (TA Alexandria University, PhD. student NRNU MEPHI, Moscow), S. P. Nikonov (NRNU MEPHI, Moscow)
Comparative thermohydraulic analyses of VVER 1000 active core for two different assembly construction types
Perin Y., Nikonov S.P., Henry R., Pasichnyk I., Velkov K. (GRS)
Mathematical model for VVER reactor safety assessment calculations in load regulating regimes
M.A. Uvakin, I.V. Makhin, E.V. Sotskov (GIDROPRESS)
Application field assessment of FA pin-by-pin model by KORSAR/GP code
A.I. Sinegribova, M.A. Uvakin (JSC GIDROPRESS)
AER working group D on VVER safety analysis – report of the 2018 meeting
S. Kliem (HZDR)
Analysis Associated with Uncontrolled Dilution of Boric Acid Concentration in the Reactor VVER-1000/320
Jan Hádek, Radim Meca (ÚJV Řež)
Severe accident in-vessel stage subcriticality evaluation
A.V. Tikhomirov, S.N. Antonov, K.Yu. Kurakin, S.I. Pantyushin, A.V. Nikolaeva (JSC OKB "GIDROPRESS", Podolsk)
Analysis of melt criticality of VVER-1000 during severe accidents within X2 benchmark
Ievgen Bilodid (SSTC NRS)
Leningrad NPP-2 start-up loss of power test and its simulation with use of KORSAR/GP code
M.V. Suslov, I.G. Petkevich, M.A. Uvakin (Gidropress)

Nuclear applications of computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Prediction of the Departure from Nucleate Boiling with CFD Code
Ladislav Vyskočil, Václav Železný (ÚJV Řež)

Fuel behaviour in normal conditions

Intermediate storage of spent fuel, decommissioning and radwaste

Spent fuel disposal and actinide transmutation

Applied study on optimizing the final disposal of Loviisa NPP spent fuel assemblies
Tuukka Lahtinen, Jaakko Kuopanportti (Fortum)
A procedure for verification of STUDSVIK's Spent Nuclear Fuel code
Teodosi Simeonov (Studsvik Scandpower)
Criticality Safety Analysis for GNS IQ - The Integrated Quiver System for Damaged Fuel
Dr. M. Chernykh, D. Amian, Dr. S. Tittelbach, Dr. A. Bannani, W. Cebula, Dr. T. Funke and R. Hüggenberg (GNS)
Neutron balance in two-component nuclear energy system
V. Blandinskiy (NRC Kurchatov Institute)
Summary of 19th session of the AER Working Group F «Nuclear Fuel Cycle Prospective and Sustainability»
Blandinskiy V., Dudnikov A. (NRC Kurchatov Institute)
Summary of activites of WG E on spent fuel
R. Zajac (VUJE)

Other technical presentations

AER website and symposium organization software presentation
F. Havlůj (NRI)