Václav Krýsl, Pavel Mikoláš, Daniel Sprinzl, Jiří Švarný, ŠKODA JS a. s., ŠKODA JS

24th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2014, Sochi, Russia)
Advances in spectral and core calculation methods


Because of the difficulties with experimental validation of power distribution predicted by
macro-code on the pin-by-pin level we decided to prepare a calculation benchmark named
FULL-COREVVER-440. This benchmark was a two-dimensional (2D) calculation
benchmark based on the VVER-440 reactor core cold state geometry with taking into account
the geometry of explicit radial reflector. The main task of this benchmark was to test the pinby-pin power distribution in fuel assemblies predicted by macro-codes that are used for
neutron-physics calculations especially for VVER-440 reactors.
The proposal of this benchmark was presented at the 21st Symposium of AER in 2011 7.
The reference solution has been calculated by MCNP code using the Monte Carlo method and
the results have been published in the AER community. The results of reference calculation
were presented at the 22nd Symposium of AER in 2012 8.
Comparison of the available macro-codes results of this calculation benchmark was presented
at the 23rd Symposium of AER in 2013 9 and also in journal Kerntechnik 4/2014 10.
In this contribution we define the ‘FULL-COREVVER-440 benchmark extension, in which
CAs of working group 6 (7 assemblies in whole core) are fully inserted. Results requested by
resolvers are similar (identical) with the original benchmark.
The preliminary reference of the Monte Carlo calculation results are also provided.

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