Nuclear libraries for SCALE5.1 system

Péter Vértes, MTA AEKI, Hungary

19th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2009, Varna, Bulgaria)
Physical problems of Spent Fuel, Decommissioning and Radwaste


Codes for preparing master and working AMPX libraries and point-wise (PW) nuclear libraries for SCALE5.1 system have been created. Master and working libraries are constructed from multigroup library in matxs form which are produced by means of the NJOY code. The PW cross-section library is derived from pend files obtained also by NJOY. The AMPX libraries may contain neutron, gamma production and gamma transport data, as well. The produced master libraries can be used either with stand-alone functional modules or with control modules.
An assistant package of programs also has been developed in order to facilitate the usage of NJOY.

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