Experience of TVSA Fuel Implementation and KASKAD Code Package Validation at Kozloduy NPP

Krasimir Kamenov, Al.Kamenov, D. Hristov, NPP Kozloduy, Bulgaria

19th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2009, Varna, Bulgaria)
Fuel management


At the end of 2008 a transition procedure from the old Russian designed TVS-M fuel assemblies to the advanced TVSA fuel type was accomplished at Kozloduy NPP WWER-1000 Units 5 and 6. The old fuel assemblies had to be changed because of a distortion tendency observed several years before. The TVSA assembly distinguishes itself with much stronger construction and using a mixture of uranium and uniformly distributed Gd as a burnable absorber in 6 or more fuel rods.

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