Jan Kyncl, Nuclear Research Institute Řež, plc, Czech Republic

22nd Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2012, Průhonice, Czech Republic)
Advances in spectral and core calculation methods


Submitted paper is devoted to the problem of criticality for neutron transport equation.
Examination of the solution to this problem is going on in Lebesgue space L? and is based on
several main suppositions. These suppositions are sufficiently general and are in agreement
with spatial behaviour of both temperature and material atom densities as well as with
properties of all known models of neutron reactions with medium. The problem is
transformed onto the task to determine time asymptotic behaviour of solution to specific
initial-value one. The initial-value problem is solved numerically by Monte Carlo method.
and to this purpose, appropriate random process and random variable are constructed.

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