VVER-440 with viable direction to sustainability

P. Darilek, C. Strmensky, R. Zajac, J. Majercik, VUJE Inc., Slovakia

21st Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2011, Dresden, Germany)
Spent fuel disposal, actinide transmutation


Reutilisation of fissile nuclides after reprocessing in light water reactor VVER-440 with inert
matrix fuel (IMF) is analysed. Development of transmutation assembly, containing two pin
types – with metal molybdenum + PuO2 mixture and with classical UO2 is described. Static
characteristics of five-year VVER-440 fuel cycle with IMF are given. Results of control rod
ejection accident analysis are presented. Necessary VVER-440 IMF fuel improvements are

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