VVER-440 IMF core calculations

P. Darilek, R. Zajac, C. Stremensky, J. Majercik, VUJE, Inc., Slovakia, presentation

20th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2010, Hanasaari, Espoo, Finland)
Transmutations of spent fuel and future nuclear energy


A very topical problem of nuclear power is the fuel cycle back-end. One of the options is a
LWR spent fuel reprocessing and fissile nuclides re-use in the same light water reactors. Under
the terms of LWR-DEPUTY project (Light Water Reactor Fuels for Deep Burning of Pu in
Thermal Systems) the new innovative VVER-440 transmutation fuel assembly by the paper
authors was developed. The innovative transmutation assembly includes two different types of
nuclear fuel. The first one is UO2 and the second fuel type consists of the metal molybdenum
and PuO2 mixture. The five period VVER-440 core was proposed by the molybdenum
transmutation assembly and also the transient process (control rod ejection) in this core was
analyzed. All kinds of calculations were performed by computer codes HELIOS 1.9, BIPR 7 and

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