MCU participation in MIDICORE benchmark

S. S. Gorodkov, E.A.Suhino-Homenko, RRC Kurchatov Institute, Russia

20th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2010, Hanasaari, Espoo, Finland)
Reactor physics experiment and code validation


For some years MCU specialists perform wide range of full-scale VVER-1000 neutron
physical calculations. One of interesting questions emerged in course of these calculations is
the elaboration degree of radial reflector geometry description. MIDICORE 2D approach
simplifies modeling of horizontal grooves in core basket. We modeled them not only exactly,
but also in two approximate ways, one of which was proposed in MCNP reference
calculation. Apart from this reference restricted core area all three cases considered were 60o
rotational symmetry segment of model core. keff, relative pin by pin power distribution in
proposed FA?s and integral fission power of all FA?s was obtained.

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