Meeting of Energy Needs During the Period of Raw Materials Insufficiency in the 21st Century (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Slovakia cooperation – draft of project),

V. Lelek, T. Apostolov, B. Petrov, S. Chwaszcewski, K. Andrzejewski, S. Subbotin, V. Tsibulskij, P. Darilek, R. Zajac, J. Breza

16th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2006, Bratislava, Slovakia)
Actinide Transmutation and Spent Fuel Disposal


The main aim of the work is to give into the mutual harmony long term planning of nuclear energy (contemporary power station has supposed lifetime 70 years and will need at least ten years from the decision to full realization) with the possibility of raw materials supply during the whole lifetime. But situation is not so uniquely directed only to nuclear energy – classical sources (coal, gas and oil) are supposed to be exhausted surely in this century (coal could be regionally dependent) and specially Europe will be practically net consumer of energy raw materials.
Ways to stabilize market could be production of hydrogen and use of U238 and Th232 in the new reactors. But developments needed to influence practical industrial demand is about 30 years to be able to start to build up industrial new type nuclear power-stations and money of the order of several billion dollars. At the same time political unification has consequence on local raw material resources, which could hardly be interpreted only as the local or national ownership. Their price could sharply rise and there will be pressure to use it not only for energy production, but also as the chemical raw material. Moreover it is expected that in the half of this century the price of natural uranium will be limiting factor for the contemporary PWR reactors use and that there will be necessary to start fast breeders or use thorium fuel to cover demands. Last estimations about the oil peaking and its consequences are included.
Armenia, Lithuania and Ukraine representatives expressed will to join the project.
Common will is expressed in the presentation to try to understand commonly the future development and to find common solution to the future challenges.

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