Validation of SCALE Depletion Calculations Against VVER Experimental Data,

M. Manolova, N. Mihaylov, M. Peeva, / INRNE, / Bulgaria (paper only)

16th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2006, Bratislava, Slovakia)
Physical Problems of Spent Fuel Decommissioning and Radwaste


In the paper some results of validation of the SCALE4.4 depletion control module SAS2H against experimental data are presented. The recently published ISTC report with VVER-440 PIE data for fuel samples from Novovoronez NPP and ORNL publication with VVER-1000 experimental data for fuel samples from Balakovo NPP have been applied for preliminary validation of depletion calculations. The calculated results for 14 actinides and 14 fission products for VVER-440 samples and for 12 actinides and 5 fission products for VVER-1000 samples have been compared with measured isotopic concentrations.

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