Modernization of In-Core Instrumentation System (ICIS) on Reactor VVER-1000

V. Mitin / RRC “Kurchatov Institute” / Russia

16th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2006, Bratislava, Slovakia)
Core Surveillance and Monitoring


This paper encompasses such section as objective, conception and engineering solution for construction of advanced in-core instrumentation system for high power reactor, including VVER-1000.
The ICIS main task is known to be an on-line monitoring of power distribution and functionals independently of design programs to avoid a common cause error.
This paper shows in what way the recovery of power distribution has been carried out using the signals from in-core neutron detectors or temperature sensors.
On the basis of both measured and processed data, the signals of preventive and emergency protection on local parameters (linear power of the maximum intensive fuel rods, DNBR, peaking factor) have been automatically generated.
The paper presents a detection technology and processing methods for signals from SPNDs and TCs, ICIS composition and structure, computer hardware, system and applied software. Structure, composition and the taken decisions allow combining class 1E and class B and C tasks in accordance with international standards of separation and safety category realization.
Nowadays, ICIS-M is a system that is capable to ensure: monitoring, safety, information display and diagnostics function, which allow securing actual increase of quality, reliability and safety in operation of nuclear fuel and power units. Meanwhile, it reduce negative influence of human factor on thermal technical reliability in the operational process.

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