Gd-2 Fuel Cycle Benchmark - Final Definition

J. Bajgl / CEZ Inc. / Dukovany NPP / Czech Republic

16th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2006, Bratislava, Slovakia)
Fuel Management


The new benchmark based on Dukovany NPP Unit-3 history of Gd-2 fuel type utilisation is defined. The main goal of this benchmark is to compare results obtained by different codes used for neutron-physics calculation. Input data are described in this paper including initial state definition. Requested output data format for automatic processing is defined. This paper includes:
a) fuel description
b) definition of starting point and five fuel cycles with profiled fuel 3.82% only
c) definition of four fuel cycles with fuel Gd-2 (enr.4.25%)
d) recommendation for calculation
e) list of parameters for comparison
f) methodology of comparison
g) an example of results comparison.

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