Code Package SAPPHIRE _95&RC_ VVER. Verification on Operational Data of VVER-440 Units

Yu. A. Ananiev, K. Yu. Kurakin / FSUE OKB “GIDROPRESS / Russia / V.G. Artyomov / FSUE NITI / Russia

16th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2006, Bratislava, Slovakia)
Core Operation, Experiments and Code Validation


Code package SAPPHIRE 95&RCVVER developed in FSUE NITI named after A. P. Alexandrov is used for VVER alternative neutronics calculations. The package allows providing full spectrum of calculations, from provision of small-group constants to calculation of fuel cycles and rod-by-rod power distribution.
The report deals with brief description of the computer package procedure and verification results for the application sphere covering core design calculations. The results of fuel cycle simulation are presented in comparison with operational data of VVER-440 power units.

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