Pavel N. Alekseev, Anatoly A. Dudnikov, NRC «Kurchatov institute», Russia

24th Symposium of AER on VVER Reactor Physics and Reactor Safety (2014, Sochi, Russia)
Nuclear fuel cycle perspectives and sustainability and intermediate storage of spent fuel, decommissioning and rad waste


Alekseev P.N., Dudnikov A.A.
NRC “Kurchatov Institute”, Kurchatov sq., 123182, Moscow, Russian Federation ;
Regular 15th session of the Working Group F «Nuclear Fuel Cycle Perspectives and Sustainability» was organized by National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute” and held in Moscow, Russian Federation, July 14 – 17, 2014.
The themes of session were as follows:
1. Advancement of Nuclear Power structure for sustainable development 2. Future Nuclear Power resources supply for VVER
3. Advanced nuclear fuel cycles for VVER
4. REMIX-technology for VVER working in closed nuclear fuel cycle 5. Heavy nuclides using as burnable absorbers in VVER
6. Combined U-Pu-Th fuel cycle for VVER
7. Incineration of MA and transmutation of long-lived RW
8. Fuel cycle simulation
14 specialists from 4 countries have presented their reports:
1. Blandinsky V.Yu. (NRC KI, Russia) “Problems of Nuclear Power development as a
2. Gurin A.V., Alekseev P.N. (NRC KI, Russia) “Research of the fuel component in
the cost of the electricity at the first stage of transition to the closed fuel cycle”
3. Bobrov E.A. et al. (NRC KI, Russia) “Perspective closed fuel cycles, based on
Regenerated Mixture Technology, combining use of thermal and fast reactors”
4. Brolly Á. et al. (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for Energy Research,
Hungary) “Development of the fuel cycle simulation code SITON”
5. Chibinyaev A.V. (NRC KI, Russia) “The main characteristics of the evolutionary
Super-VVER project (VVER-S) with spectrum shift regulation”
6. Chibinyaev A.V. (NRC KI, Russia) “The main characteristics of the innovative
Super-VVER project”
7. Mikisek M. (ÚJV Řeţ, a. s., Czech Republic) “Applicability of Small Reactors in
the Czech Republic”
8. Frybort J. (presented by Mikisek M.) (ÚJV Řeţ, a. s., Czech Republic) “Thorium
Fuel in VVER-1000 Reactor”
9. Szabó F. (MVM Paks II. Ltd., Hungary) “Refuelling cycle strategy comparison of
10. Bolshakov V.V. et al. (NRC KI, Russia) “Research of the potential of thorium fuel
for vver-1000”
11. Shmelev A.H., Kulikov G.G. (NRNU Moscow Engineering Physics Institute,
Russia) “Improvement of LWR fuel cycle: Potential role of fusion hybrid with Th- blanket”
12. Dařílek P. (VUJE a.s. , Trnava, Slovakia) “ALLEGRO development status”
13. Tsibulsky S.V., Davidenko V.D. (NRC KI, Russia) “The effective way of burning power plutonium in reactors VVER”
14. Nevinitsa V.A., Dudnikov A.A. et al. (NRC KI, Russia) “Prospects of subcritical molten salt reactor for minor actinides incineration in closed fuel cycle”

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